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This year, on the occasion of the 120th-year anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Argentina and Japan, the ATPA (Argentine Tango Promotion Association) convened with the aim to help popularize Argentine Tango in Japan. All ATPA members are volunteers. In fact, in Japan Argentine Tango is less known to the general public, and information on it rather limited, when compared to other types of world music and dance, despite many decades having passed since its introduction into this country. It appears that the general image of Tango is often connected with pieces of old continental tango music, or with its use in suspense TV shows. The word “Tango” is known, but not very many people are familiar with actual Argentine Tango music or dance. Argentine Tango is one kind of Latin music and dance, and it has connections even with hip-hop and jazz.  In order to improve this current situation in Japan and further share the Argentine artistic and cultural milieu that gave birth to Tango, we are proud and excited to be planning and organizing a wide range of cultural occasions, including Tango parties and shows, and events where goods, art, fashion and more from Argentine will be introduced. Our ultimate goal is to create situations in which more people may experience the breathtaking allure, wonderfulness, and contemporary feel of Argentine Tango music and dance. If you are already in love with Tango, please join us to become an ambassador for Tango and help us make it more popular in Japan!

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